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About Author

Prashant Pansare, a well-respected IT professional in the field Business Intelligence and Bigdata industry is a Founder and Managing Director of Inteliment Technologies, one of the fast growing niche IT-SME company in India. 

The glory of being at the helm of an enterprise comes on the backdrop of a story full of passion, dreams, hard work and risks. Prashant was born and brought-up in Pune, completed his B. E. (Mechanical) and MBA in Marketing and Finance.  Although he was extremely successful in his corporate career, he craved to do something more, something innovative. 

Prashant forsake his job and started Inteliment in an outhouse, to begin the journey as a first generation entrepreneur. He got wholehearted support and encouragement from his family every step of the way, through all ups and downs.

Inteliment’s journey started a decade back in 2004 and in a very short span through its consulting capability and technology expertise, Inteliment began to acquire leading global customers. During the early days at Inteliment; Prashant, being the one man army, played every possible roles, took care of all odd jobs as required. After all; these were the apprenticeship years of a budding enterprise. The journey has had its rough spots too; the most recent being the recession and its deep impact on global markets. Although challenging, these tough times have taught some valuable lessons and the organization stands tall and strong today. Inteliment today boasts of more than 60+ customers of which 50%+ are Fortune 500 companies with Development Center and Labs in India and offices in Australia and Singapore.

Prashant is invited on the Global Analytics Advisory Council by SAP Labs, USA in 2013. He has been recognized ‘CEO of a Fast Growing Company’ by Deloitte Inc. Under peasant’s leadership Inteliment has received many honors and accolades, which he believes are recognitions for each person who has contributed to Inteliment. 

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